Local Election 2016

Cathie  Cox

Cathie Cox

UK Independence Party
Wardle & West L'boro Ward

I am a retired Civil Servant and I have lived in Littleborough for over 30 years, bringing up a family of four daughters here with my husband.

I have been a member of the UK Independence Party for 13 years, as I have always believed passionately that Britain would be better off outside the European Union, in control of its own finances, laws, trade and borders.

I also endorse the Party’s common sense approach to local government:


  • Prioritising services for local people, including housing, education, health and social services. Local homes should be for local people and veterans first.
  • Moving government closer to the people– keeping decision-making local, including local control of planning decisions, retaining Green Spaces and preventing excessive housing development and wind farms
  • Keeping Council tax as low as possible whilst protecting local services. Cut highly paid council executives, not front line staff.


Spending money on maintaining existing roads as a priority, not on council vanity schemes
Cathie Cox – your local UKIP candidate

Local Election 2016