Local Election 2010

Doreen   Morton

Doreen Morton

Liberal Democrat Party
Kingsway Ward

I have lived in Kingsway for over 40 years and now live on Belfield Lane so I am fully aware of the problems of the Kingsway Ward because they are, and have been, my problems too.

I am not going to go into detail about which school I went to, where I worked or where I go for my holidays because I think you are more interested in what kind of person I am and how much effort I am going to put into trying to make Kingsway Ward a better, and more pleasant, place to live in.

What kind of person I am – I always try to treat everybody as I would like to be treated myself.

I am interested in Health & Well Being but, as a mother and grandmother, I am interested in Education and the current Job situation. Anti Social behaviour, litter, fly tipping and vandalism are high on my list of “What can be done – and when”.

Over the years I have always been actively involved in local matters. A few years ago I fought a builder, who had already been granted Planning permission to build on a piece of land on Newbold Street as part of a larger development, and we were successful in obtaining Village Green Status for the piece of land. This means that it can never be used for anything other that what it had been used for prior to the request. The land had been used for longer than anyone could remember for children to play, have bonfires, camp out and generally do what kids do. It took us almost 2 years but was worth it.

In 2006 I helped to organise a “Clean up day” in the area which resulted in over 4 tons of rubbish being removed. This was followed later in the day by a Street Party which was very successful. Also a “Planting Day” the following year with plants and shrubs being planted.

Currently I am involved in the Kingsway Forum, PACT (Police Partnership & Communities Together) P.O.P.P.S.(Partnership for Older People’s Projects), Community Crime Fighters Programme and the Township Health and Well Being Partnership.

In 1985 I was the first female President for the North West region of The National Association of Plumbing, Heating & Mechanical Services Contractors – an Association made up of employers of Plumbers, Heating Engineers and Mechanical Service workers.

There are no guarantees but I can assure you that I will put all my efforts into improving the Kingsway Ward area if I am successfully elected to the Rochdale Council. I have always put 100% into anything I do so why change the habit of a lifetime.

Local Election 2010