Local Election 2010

Jonathan  Paul  Burns

Jonathan Paul Burns

Labour Party
North Middleton Ward

I have been your Councillor for 2 ½ years, having been elected in the North Middleton by-election in 2008. During this time I have found out exactly what makes the Council tick, who to contact to get a job done and have worked hard to represent the people of North Middleton.

I have always lived in Middleton, having attended school in the town before going onto further and higher education to study Media and Television as well as Youth & Community Work. I have been actively involved in Middleton for almost 15 years, as a Youth & Community Worker, Volunteer and as the Director of a community training organisation based in the town.

As your local Councillor I represent people of North Middleton on many committees and meetings where decisions are taken affecting you, Middleton, and the Borough as a whole. It is my job; along with your 2 other Labour Ward Councillors to campaign hard to ensure that North Middleton gets its fairshare of resources and that decisions are taken in your best interests.

For me one of the best things about being a Councillor is casework, and the opportunity to work with local people to get things done. In my 2 ½ years as your Councillor I have had the opportunity to work with, and help many residents from across the ward aiming to resolve their issues with the Council as well as helping to solve other neighbourhood problems.

I run advice surgeries in the Ward every month, where local people can come to discuss their issues face to face. I also provide mobile advice surgeries to individuals at home if necessary, as well as taking up issues by telephone and email.

Just some of the work I have been involved in over the last 12 months includes:

  • Working closely with the Police to tackle Crime, Youth Nuisance and Anti-social behaviour. 
  • Requesting better services and support for Older People in Middleton. 
  • Getting potholes repaired and grot spots and fly tipping cleaned up. 
  • Becoming a governor of Boarshaw Primary School. 
  • Supporting tenants with housing problems. 
  • Campaigning for better Youth Services in North Middleton. 
  • Developing solutions to bring more community facilities and activities into North Middleton. 
  • Speaking on behalf of residents on planning applications that affect them. 
  • Lobbying for extra grit bins and better winter maintenance services across our community. 
  • Campaigning for extra investment into our roads and pavements. 
  • Supporting residents affected by neighbour nuisance. 
  • Helping to develop the Middleton Joint Service Centre and ensuring essential health services are included in the plans. 
  • Highlighting the need for new play facilities for children and securing investment into play facilities in North Middleton. 
  • Working with residents with street parking issues.

Look around, Middleton is changing for the better with developments lead by the Labour controlled township and your Labour Councillors.

There is however still much more to be done in North Middleton, and Middleton Township as a whole.

I ask for your support in the local elections on 6th May, and for the opportunity to continue to represent you on Middleton Township and on Rochdale Council.

Local Election 2010