Local Election 2019

Mohammad   Arshad

Mohammad Arshad

Labour Party
Bamford Ward

Last year we came close to defeating the Conservatives. This year, with just a bit more effort we can succeed. You deserve so much more than the out-of-touch Tory who currently claims to represent your views.

Why do I say out-of-touch?

Simple: your current Conservative councillor is the person who claimed those in our neighbourhoods who struggle to pay the bills or put food on the table are bad at managing their money. No I’m not making it up!

She says it’s got absolutely nothing to do with her government’s relentless and senseless continued squeeze on your public services which are crippling councils like ours. It’s your fault for not saving enough.     

The rise in foodbanks and homelessness is nothing to do with Tory austerity; it’s down to what she would call the fecklessness of those affected.

Am I the only one in  the area who finds these views abhorrent?

I don’t believe that for one second and that’s why I need your help.

I am a father of two children who have both attended local schools and I am a parent governor at Matthew Moss High School.

As a local businessman I am more than aware of the damage Tory policies are having on us all.

I have strong links with our community and am an active campaigner on local issues; issues that I know are important to you.

I successfully campaigned for Marland Golf Course to stay open. And despite what the Tories might tell you, the truth is they had nothing to do with it. Saving this treasured community asset was simply down to the Labour-controlled council listening to your concerns and acting on your behalf.

If elected on 2 May I will fight for more police officers on our streets, talking directly with the Labour Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester to push our case – can the others up for election promise that?

I will also campaign tirelessly to ensure as much of the millions your Labour council has made available for road improvements are spent on our roads.

The bottom line is that by voting for me you will be voting for someone who will have real influence in the decisions your Council makes on your behalf. Someone who understands your needs and concerns, not someone who is completely out-of-touch with the people she claims to represent.  

 Mohammad Arshad

Local Election 2019