Local Election 2019

Shaukat  Ali

Shaukat Ali

Labour Party
Norden Ward

5 Honister Way
OL11 3LH

Your Labour candidate, Shaukat Ali, standing up for Norden, Caldershaw, Red Lumb, Birtle and Ashworth

I am delighted to have been selected as the Labour candidate for Norden Ward.

Who I am?

- Lived in Rochdale for over 30 years

- Background in engineering, the worked in the voluntary sector, public housing and now welfare rights. Still involved in community work.

- As father of school and university students, I share parents’ concerns about our underfunded education system. I believe that education is the route to a fairer, more prosperous and tolerant society and repays investment in ten-fold.

- My passion is tackling inequality, protecting the environment, keeping our neighbourhood safe and ensuring dignity for our older citizens.

Why I am standing?

- I am standing because I believe in public service. I think it is a shame the way the public sector has been starved of resources by the Conservative government. And it's a shame the way our public servants, teachers, police officers, doctors, nurses, carers and fire fighters are then blamed whenever the inevitable cracks start to appear. The exact same thing is happening with government underfunding of Council services. I will always stand up for your public services and your public servants.

My pledges to you?

-If elected, I will serve all of the residents of the ward to the best of my ability.

- On your behalf I will maintain a constant scrutiny of Council Services to ensure the highest possible standards.

- I will bring a fresh pair of eyes to look for solutions to problems that never seem to get solved.

- I will give all parts of the ward equal attention.

- I will be a strong Labour voice in a Labour Council and make sure Norden gets its fair share of resources.

Remember if you want to elect Norden’s first ever Labour councillor, you have to go out and vote for it.

Vote Labour - Vote Shaukat Ali, Thursday 2 May

Local Election 2019