Local Election 2019

Patricia   Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan

Conservative Party
Bamford Ward


Patricia Sullivan a strong local voice for Bamford

I have been proud to serve as your Councillor in Bamford for the past eight years and during this time I have successfully dealt with hundreds of issues, including:-

  • The reinstatement of a bus service along the main part of Bury Road.
  • Leading the fight to stop the building of a new cemetery on Green Belt land, and more recently supporting the current Green Belt Action Group in their opposition to the building of 450 (previously 750) executive, detached houses on Green Belt land, as proposed by your Labour Council and the Mayor of Greater Manchester.
  • Helping practically and financially, through Township and Councillors` Ward funding, with a range of activities across the Ward, including the popular Ian Newman Community Film Club at Bamford Chapel, a local netball team and armchair exercises for older residents.
  • Starting a new Councillors` surgery, following public demand, at St George`s Church, Oakenrod.
  • Working with the newly formed Friends of Bamford to enhance the ward visually and practically, through planting and floral displays, by the purchase of a new Community notice board and by helping to organise and support social activities.
  • Addressing concerns about the safety of pedestrians at the junction of Roch Valley Way/Sandy Lane and Bury Rd by obtaining funding to carry out a feasibility study there. As a member of the committee of Transport for Greater Manchester I personally have been able to liaise with them as they work on their plan to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Saving Marland Golf Course from closure by the Labour Council.

My vision for Bamford is to preserve the Green Belt for future generations and to encourage children and young people to participate in the wide range of sporting facilities:- cricket, tennis, football, rugby, archery and golf, all available in our Ward.

I will continue to liaise with the police and with residents who are helping to reduce crime by forming Homewatch and similar groups in their areas.  I have already initiated some of these groups and they are proving successful.

As many of you will know, I regularly visit residents in sheltered accommodation; I attend many social and fundraising events in our area, for example the Dementia Café, Christmas Fairs and Garden Parties and coffee mornings to name but a few. Whilst it is always a pleasure to support such events, it is also where residents come to me with their problems and concerns, a crucial part of my work as a Councillor. I also hold three monthly surgeries where residents can come to see me more privately. I try to be available and am always happy to visit residents in their own homes. As a local Councillor, I have always prioritised local issues rather than party and national politics.

I have tried to give you a taste of all the things I have done, and am continuing to do, over the time I have been your Councillor.  Far from being complacent about my work, I am fully aware that there is still much to be done, and rather than rest on my laurels, I am eager to continue to serve the people of Bamford to the best of my ability along with my fellow Conservative Councillors, if you are kind enough to vote for me in the forthcoming election on 2nd May.

Local Election 2019