Local Election 2019

Ann  Stott

Ann Stott

Conservative Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

2 Queens Avenue
Wardle Road
OL12 9HS

I am honoured to have been re-selected to stand in the forthcoming local elections in May.

It has been a delight to serve the community over the past eight years with my aim being to keep Littleborough Lakeside a great place to live, work and visit – working on local issues and concerns.

I moved to the Township over 40 years ago, during which time, outside my public service career,

I always supported my husband in all his years as a local Councillor until his sad passing.

If re-elected I will support our rolling programme of pathway and road repairs, of which many still have to be completed, many before the onset of winter again.

After the horrific flooding incidents of 2015, not forgetting the recent re-flooding incidents of last  month, I welcome the flood alleviation basins already installed in Calder Avenue and Hare Hill areas, and will continue to support the ongoing work by the Environmental Agency for further flood Prevention, most of which to commence early next year.

Additionally, I will monitor the Authority’s regular programme of gully and drain clearance to prevent water build on paths, roads, and gardens.

I am fully behind the initiative to keep all our libraries open as they provide numerous services of all types to our residents, not just in the provision of books.

I fully support all or independent businesses throughout the area which help to make Littleborough an attractive venue for tourists as well as for residents.

Additionally, we have Hollingworth Lake and the country park within the Ward – which again attract many, and which we have to fight to keep clean and green for all types of wide life which inhabit it.

Having joined the Police Force as a cadet at 17, I fully sport the local constabulary in its aim to lessen incidents of anti-social behaviour, and criminal activities by the minority which spoil things for the majority.

New initiatives are being introduced with a view to stamping these out.  Another increasing concern frequently reported by residents relate to driving incidents – including manner and speed – for the latter have been working with officers on speed awareness initiatives in certain areas which will be repeated in the future.

I am aware of the problems many parents again have this year on senior school allocation whereby some children are having to go to Kingsway and St Cuthberts .  Such placements bring additional concerns for safety ad travel services, particularly from areas of Shore, Summit and Blackstone Edge. 

There is a great need for a senior school within the Township sooner rather than later, and as a Township committee we are pushing for this.

I fully support the local community in Save The Green Belt initiative, and made my views known in the recent GMFS consultation. The suggested number of homes to be built without any thought out infrastructure will be disastrous and have all sorts of consequences on roads – both major, minor and estate which are already struggling to cope and in turn will affect our pollution which is currently topical and trying to be re-dressed.

Additional pressures will be placed on power and water supply equipment of which much is years old and all susceptible to breakages.  In addition, there is the drastic effect it will have on wild life, habitats, natural vegetation – because once built upon, green is gone forever!!!

In any ‘spare time’ I try to support all manner of volunteer groups and their respective activities, as well as being a volunteer (for over 20 years) for our brilliant Hospice, Littleborough RNLI, the Coach House, NSPCC, and Rochdale Rotary whose mantra of ‘service before self’ supports my own view and both local and worldwide charities.

With your support in the local elections on 2 May I will carry on  with all this work and more in the future.

Local Election 2019