Local Election 2019

Edward  Carpenter

Edward Carpenter

Conservative Party
Milnrow & Newhey Ward

39 Laburnum Lane
OL16 4LP

Milnrow & Newhey are amazing villages. As your Councillor I’ll work hard to keep it that way.

So what am I standing for?

Protect Our Villages & Keep Residents Safe

Milnrow & Newhey is surrounded by the beautiful Pennines and with great access to Rochdale, Oldham & Manchester there’s no doubt that the villages are great places to live.

But that could all change if badly thought out developments are forced upon us, or crime and anti-social behaviour goes unchecked.

As your Councillor I will work hard to stop that from happening, by:

  • Standing against poor planning applications,
  • Supporting youth activity & community safety schemes,
  • Working closely with the police and community leaders.

More Jobs, More Opportunities, & Better Services...

Our comfort, our health, our services & our happiness depend on a good economy that provides opportunities for us and our families: good education, good skills, good jobs & good pay.

  • I will work with local schools & colleges to help ensure your children get the education & skills they need to get good jobs.
  • I will work to help ensure Adults are able to retrain when they choose to change career, AND.
  • I will work with the Council, businesses & the community to help increase the number & size of businesses in the Borough by making sure they have the support they need to grow, be successful and most importantly create more jobs for local people.

All of us deserve the opportunity to be ambitious & successful, to earn a good salary, have comforts and lead fulfilling lives.

For a brighter future: vote for Edward Carpenter on 2nd May!

Local Election 2019