Local Election 2019

John  Robert Rodgers

John Robert Rodgers

Liberal Democrat Party
Healey Ward

29 Gale Street
OL12 0SQ

I have lived in the Healey Ward for over 30 years and having served in the Army as a professional soldier, I am active in the ex-services community.

I have worked in local government for over 30 years’ working closely with local communities.

I have set-up many multi agency groups that work for the benefit of local people and I have helped communities to be stronger.

I firmly believe that people should have an actual say over the decisions that matter most to them so, I will do everything I can to help bring this about.

I will represent the community not the Council.

I will work to involve the community and not make big decisions without consulting local people.

I will make the time to listen to people, be responsive, accountable and work towards making a difference and not spend all my time and energy playing politics.

Thank you

John Rodgers

Local Election 2019