Local Election 2019

Stephen  George Sanderson

Stephen George Sanderson

UK Independence Party
Bamford Ward


Selected to stand in Bamford Ward as a United Kingdom Independence Party UKIP candidate. 

I am seeking your support by standing for election to represent Bamford so we can effectively tackle important local concerns, more local amenities within Bamford to enhance our area for all the community. I am standing for election because I have the drive, tenacity, commitment and energy to represent the interests of the community. I passionately believe in genuine democracy that gives local people a real voice in local matters that concern them, the time is right in Bamford to make a real change to address many local people’s concerns. 

I can assure you that when elected, I will put forward a strong presence within Rochdale Council to fight for the very best for everyone in Bamford.

On BREXIT: being a member of the Party that brought you Brexit I fully support a managed No deal with the EU.  

My priorities for Bamford is about people.

Care for the elderly
•    How well we treat and look after older people is a measure of a civilised society.
Local Business 
•    Local Business deserve support to help regenerate the area, many companies have left the area attracted by financial incentives to move outside the area, we need to create an environment where growth is sustainable, understanding all aspects that can keep business within the area.   

•    The work life balance of all Bamford’s residents must be taken into consideration, covering leisure and work time needs.  I will work with the community to develop an integrated plan for Bamford ton that includes all the existing industrial, retail, youth and leisure facilities within the area as a whole.
•    I will not support any developments, which harm the interests of the residents of Bamford.   Building on green belt/green-field sites – I am pleased to say that this is not a popular idea in Bamford. 
•    UKIP suggest the GMSF is reworked to look at Brownfield site already in existence and current Business park underutilisation.

Budgetary Competence
•    We need to look at where our Council Tax is being spent, investing in areas that will bring an overall gain in the Health & wealth of our community. I am committed to getting additional council funding for leisure, including link 4 life, which as seen a reduction in funds within previous council budgets.  An environment where health and opportunity go hand in hand to bring wealth into our community. I fully support the UKIP view to cut the number of councillors by at least a third as currently we all have to tighten our belts with austerity. We cannot allow £1million to be spent on councillor’s allowances when service provision is being cut. We need to fund our services as such we also need to ensure that any expense is justified to our community who are footing the bill, it is your money not theirs. 

Law & Order 
•    Our area along with others within the Borough has been plagued by Crime and antisocial behaviour. We need to ensure we make best use of technology to identify the perpetrators, hence we need to invest in our own and our families’ safety by CCTV partnerships within Bamford. 
•    PACT meetings and local presence of officers is required as well as bringing back of redundant local police stations.
•    I have campaigned and fully support for an independent investigation into the Rochdale Grooming Scandal and personally support Parents against Grooming Campaign. 

•    I like many of you have seen the deterioration in roads locally, causing damage to vehicles and safety concerns to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists having to avoid these pot holes from a safety perspective. This is not acceptable to tax payers, who expect the authorities to maintain suitable highways within the area. I will commission a full report and take action to remedy the situation in a timely manner. 
•    Bus services need improvement already we suffer congestion within the area by high car usage, we do have rail station locally however we would benefit  with better ticket machines and facilities   

Local Election 2019