Local Election 2019

Robert  Mudd

Robert Mudd

UK Independence Party
East Middleton Ward


Middleton as been my home for nearly 30 years. My home as been in my ward for over 20 years.

This will be the third time I have been a candidate for election to the Council. 

In that time the issues that were of concern to us are essentially the same.


# The destruction of the Greenbelt. Facilitated by the duplicitous Labour Spatial Framework.

Duplicitous because Labour councillors blame a project that is run by a Greater Manchester Labour  dominated council.

Why do we need more industrial units built when many are empty and underused, as are many "Brown field sites" Warwick Mill being one such site

Tenants such as the Lighthouse project and others. Forced out to have it remain derelict. A monument to another failed Council project.

Alongside others in the Borough such as the ridiculous outside market. That as cost  the rate payer dearly . 


# Pressure on the local infrastructure, schools and health provision. By a increasing population and removal of central government subsidy.


# A council that is shameless still, about  rewarding its self 34%, and its leader a 51% pay rise. While cutting others wages. This must not be forgotten.

If elected I will only except the same as the 6 Labour councillors. Who out of the entire ruling Labour council refused the rise, to their credit.


# I will do my utmost to provide funding for independent child protection groups. That have been formed by and for victims of the appalling neglect of past personalty's and councils. One group in particular, based in Rochdale as only asked the council for premises. And been denied, it is at present entirely dependant on it own efforts.The Labour councils efforts in addressing the ongoing exploitation is inadequate. 


# Our exit from the European Union, as been illegally prevented. A vote for me or any other Ukip candidate is a vote for BREXIT NOW.

Local Election 2019