Local Election 2019

Robert James McLean

Robert James McLean

Conservative Party
Healey Ward

20 Fletton Close
OL12 6BF

I am thrilled to have been selected as the Conservative Party candidate for the Healey ward.  I’m a born and bred Rochdalian, and proud of it too, I love living in this part of our town and I am excited to be raising my children in this area.  I am motivated by doing a job well and by helping people make the best of the opportunities we have as well as providing that extra help for those who need it.  I work in finance in the town and serve as a school governor here in Healey and with your support, I am hoping to represent our community in council.
During the last 2 years it has been an honour to meet so many residents, listening to your concerns and starting to help towards solutions. We have already achieved many things including making our roads safer, getting street signage replaced, and fly tipping cleared, but there is so much more to do.  Healey is not my ward – it is our ward, and together we can make the improvements that are so desperately needed. The priorities you have told me about have informed my campaign and are the foundation on which I will be building, if elected as your new ward councillor.

These priorities include…

  • Tackling the widespread fly-tipping that has become the norm throughout the ward, whether it’s in Healey Dell or on our estates; commercial or domestic - it’s a problem that needs addressing.  I am campaigning for temporary cameras to catch regular offenders and better enforcement, as well as quick clearance when it does occur.  We need to find a solution to this blight on our community.
  • Our roads and pavements are in desperate need of repair with many residents not noticing the promised investment, areas throughout Shawclough and Syke need urgent attention.  Elderly residents have been reporting falling on damaged roads and pavements and action is needed to avoid more serious accidents and also damage to cars.
  • Common sense on our highways, from relieving congestion on Whitworth and Shawclough Roads with better planning on non-essential roadworks, restrictions on heavy goods vehicles, and monitoring speeding on our estates - making our roads safer for us all. 
  • Protection and maintenance of our green spaces, we have one of the greenest wards in the borough with the jewel of Healey Dell and so much more too. I will fight for these spaces to be protected and maintained so that we can all continue to enjoy them.  Including making St Wilfred’s fields available to the community again and developing play areas so our children have places to go.
  • Better provision of grit bins throughout the ward, I’ve been pushing for action for residents who have been requesting help for many years, and genuinely feel ignored.  We now have a promise of action, I will ensure it materialises.
  • More investment for the things that matter to you, I will look for ways to fund  the little things that will make a big difference on your street and in your community as well as supporting the many community groups and charities that are doing so much already.

One of the loudest messages I’ve heard is that you want ‘value for money’; you have seen your council tax rise and all you’ve got in return is a Labour leadership who duck responsibility, pass the buck and give you the same old excuses, but too little action on the ground.  You’ve told me that you’re tired of politics, instead you want ACTION from an ACCESSIBLE ward councillor. That is what I will deliver if you trust me with your vote.  I will find new ways of reaching out to the whole ward, to keep you informed of what’s happening and make myself as available as possible to all residents of Healey.  To give a voice to the issues that matter to you and push for solutions and action, not just words at election time.

Remember on Thursday 2nd May, that this is a local election, it’s not the time to send a message nationally, it’s time to send a strong local voice to the town hall to represent you.  I’m calling to everyone who I’ve spoken with or helped over the last two years, to the loyal voters who have backed me or Andrew Neilson in the past, to those who want to see a change - but don’t know if they can really make a difference, to those fed up with politics and just want some action.  I believe that it’s time for change in Healey, it’s time that we made it clear that Healey won’t be taken for granted.  I believe I have shown I can be the candidate who can and will deliver this change, so please lend me your vote on Thursday 2nd May and I promise I will spend the next four years earning it.  

If I can be of any help or you would like to have more information on me or my campaign - contact me at

Local Election 2019