Local Election 2021

John  Hartley

John Hartley

Labour Party
Littleborough Lakeside Ward

I have been representing you for the past nine years now and my approach to being your Councillor has always been focused on local issues. As someone who has spent my entire life in Littleborough, it is incredibly important to me that this place is as good as it can be.

The last twelve months have been challenging for us all but I really hope that, as we emerge from the pandemic and restrictions are lifted, you and your family are stronger and able to move forward in a positive way.

Over the past year, myself and my fellow councillors have been extremely busy on your behalf.

In addition to supporting many of you with casework, we’ve been involved in providing the support required throughout the pandemic plus providing updates, changes and preparations for the future. Some of the key points to highlight include:

  • Supporting the Littleborough vaccination and testing centres.
  • Securing funding for speed humps on Temple Lane.
  • Replacing and repairing defective drains on Todmorden Road.
  • Working closely with the Environment Agency to build a new flood basin and other flood defences to protect our village.
  • Numerous road repairs such as pot holes filled in and lines painted, the funding is now in place to resurface Calderbrook Road later this year, I have also fully supported my fellow Labour councillors to bring all Highway maintenance back in house when the current contract expires next year.
  • Pushing the Department for Education to build a new secondary school and fully supported a total rebuild of the outdated primary school on Calderbrook Road with a brand new building.
  • Supporting Link4Life to improve and revitalise the offer at Hollingworth Lake.
  • Opposing plans to build on green belt in Littleborough as brown field should always be developed first.

I don’t drive so I spent much of my time either on foot or using public transport, this gives me a direct perspective on the importance of well run and well-maintained public transport services. I’m therefore delighted to standing for re-election at the same time as Andy Burnham who has championed bring our bus network back under public control in the coming years. This will give us the opportunity to have a fully integrated bus and Metrolink network which works for residents rather than shareholders.

Finally, as a passionate green supporter and someone who has been knee deep in flood water on numerous occasions, I fully support Rochdale Labour council and their pledges on environmental issues. Tree planting and a prioritisation of all our environmental management procedures will not only support our carbon emission targets, help to keep our air clean but will also reduce the devastating impact of floods along the Roch Valley.

I would really appreciate your vote on May 6th to enable me to carry on doing the good work, and I thank all those residents who have now chosen to vote by post as this will make the whole election process much safer for everyone.

Vote John Hartley, Vote Labour for Littleborough Lakeside

Local Election 2021