Local Election 2021

Allen  Brett

Allen Brett

Labour and Co-operative Party
Milkstone & Deeplish Ward

Councillor Allen John Brett is fighting his twentieth election. He is proud to be Leader of the Council and leading in Milkstone & Deeplish. Standing under the Labour and Co-operative Party which reflect his values and outlook.

As a keen and committed trade unionist being a member of GMB was proud to push the campaign for the real living wage in the NHS which the Council has long accepted. The campaign to get the Kashmiri identity recognised on the census and government documents is another cause that he has been associated with.

The support of regeneration in Rochdale Township and the great plans for the station gateway along with all the work at the old fire station will bring further prosperity to Milkstone & Deeplish. The complete resurfacing of Tweedale Street and Drake Street along with other roads is all part of the wider investment on highways in the borough. The plan for investment in Sandfield Park is part of trying to keep green spaces in the ward but this can only be done with full consent of local residents.

The fly tipping and rubbish needs even more work and the people who foul our streets need prosecuting; we also have to find a solution to the traffic problems and parking. So Kent Street is just one piece in the bigger picture.

Finally all the work on Covid led by the Council and the food vouchers for children during the school holidays is another leader led initiative. The foodbank at Sparth Community Centre also in the ward is another achievement. He has always been active in the ward having regular advice bureaus at both Deeplish and Castlemere Community Centres.

Local Election 2021