Local Election 2021

James  Gartside

James Gartside

Conservative and Unionist Party
Norden Ward

First of all I would like to thank Rochdale Online for this opportunity. They really do deserve our support.

I am Jim Gartside and am delighted to be standing for election in Norden Ward on Thursday 6 May. We have a great choice of community groups, from a very highly thought of Historical Society to a wonderful W.I., a very busy Birtle Trust, Scout Groups, a well chaired Norden Forum in which we can express our views, a variety of Churches and bowling greens and pubs and darts teams, a superb Cricket Team, and some wonderful supporters of Caldershaw without whom Heritage Green would not be the success it is.

Jubilee Park at the other end of the village has enthusiastic volunteers too, including the Man of the Year. There is a Carnival Committee, an In Bloom group, a business friendly NEEVA, a scarecrow competition and Clean Ups. We hope that everyone within the Ward feels welcome to join in and support.

As councillors Mike, Peter and I make a team which tries to support and be involved in as many activities as possible and support our residents in every way we can. I am a Governor at Norden Primary, one of four schools in the Ward all of whom have terrific staff.

A teaching facility has been set up at the Moss Row Allotments and all our schools make good use of our facilities and considerable countryside. Dream of an area with perfect parks, fabulous food and clothing shops, remarkable restaurants, terrific takeaways and hairdressers and beauty shops and carpet experts. And you will wake up in Norden!

It is a wonderful place with which to be associated, despite The Grinch trying to cancel Christmas last year!

Jim Gartside.

Ps. Remember that the Polling Stations open at 7 a.m. and close at 10 p.m. on Thursday 6 May. Any doubts? Please contact one of the Councillors on your leaflet or the Elections Office on 01706 924818.

Local Election 2021