Local Election 2021

David  Jones

David Jones

Conservative Party
Castleton Ward

My name is Dave Jones and I have lived and worked in Castleton for the last 6 years with my partner and three children. Over the years I have really got to know the local issues that are blighting people here. I have chosen to stand after seeing Castleton Village neglected by Rochdale's Labour party and I feel that now is the right time for Castleton to have a local representative who will put the area and local people’s needs first.

Council tax
Local people have been hard hit by the pandemic and many are surviving thanks to the Government's Furlough Scheme and other financial support from the Chancellor, but despite the tough times, Labour's Councillors for Castleton still voted to put up our council tax by the maximum possible amount without a referendum. Now is not the time to be putting financial pressure on local people. I am backing Conservative Councillors who opposed this years increase and are calling for a freeze next year.

The proposed cycle lane
Living and working in Castleton, I know the devastating effect that Labour's cycle lane plan could have on people and businesses here. I have met with local business owners, residents and our Conservative MP, Chris Clarkson, to highlight the negative effect that Labour's proposed £1.2 million cycle lane plan could have on Castleton. This cycle lane will take away valuable 'stop and shop' parking outside local businesses who will struggle to survive if plans go ahead. It will also mean that local people, parents at nearby schools and visitors to the area will struggle to park, placing higher demand on residential streets. Castleton needs investment, but this cycle lane is about helping people to bypass our village and head directly into Rochdale.

Action on crime
We have all had enough of crime and anti-social behaviour in Castleton and Slattocks. It's about time people in Castleton has someone who will ensure that their concerns are heard by Greater Manchester Police.

The Greenbelt
I am backing the Conservative Councillors in Rochdale in opposing the GMSF and Labour's new 'Plan of Nine'. Castleton's greenbelt has been under threat for years, firstly from Andy Burnham's GMSF, and as soon as that failed Castleton's Labour Councillors backed another GM development plan. It's time that Castleton had a stronger voice that will speak out for local people who have worked tirelessly to protect our irreplaceable green spaces.

Actions on potholes
I like many people, have seen potholes being filled with lose tarmac in the rain. It's just not good enough! Castleton deserves better.


Castleton needs a strong representative on Rochdale Council who will stand up for local people. Only a Conservative Councillor can give local people that strong opposition voice If elected, I will stand up for the people in my community, young and old, residents and businesses, Castleton deserves better.

Local Election 2021