Local Election 2021

Robert James McLean

Robert James McLean

Conservative and Unionist Party
Healey Ward

20 Fletton Close
OL12 6BF

I am thrilled to be standing as your Conservative candidate for the Healey ward in these delayed local elections. In this strangest of years I have been even more honoured to live in our community of Healey Shawclough & Syke.

We live in a great part of Rochdale, highlighted by the people we share life with. Whether it’s been taking the initiative to support neighbours and those shielding, organising phone calls or online activities to provide much needed relief; you the community have come together when we needed it most. We also have our fair share of essential key workers who have put themselves in harms way to support us all. I want to say a sincere THANK YOU to all who have given time during this period to help others, you will probably never know how much your efforts have meant. 

In these times we have also needed our elected members to support us, and this has come from your Conservative government. More than £100m of additional funding has come to help Rochdale during the pandemic, from running testing and our amazing vaccination program, to support for businesses and the most vulnerable families in our community. Even now, despite objection from Labour’s leadership, an extra £23m is coming to Rochdale to encourage construction and re-generation.

By contrast what have we seen from Labour? Whilst people are struggling, like never before, they have their hands in your pockets. Labour have chosen to increase the general council tax by £1.8m this year whilst putting £2m into savings. Conservative councillors put forward a budget amendment which would have halted these increases, the Labour Party blocked it.  The saying goes we save for a rainy day, well if it’s not raining now - when is it? So why are they doing this? Are Labour increasing your council tax now only to freeze it in 2022, in time for a possible all-out local election? Time will tell if you are paying now for Labour’s election campaign later.

In our ward we have seen years of promises, lots of talk but precious little action. I want to show you what I can do for our ward, to be a voice for Healey, Shawclough and Syke - not a lost whisper in the majority party.

My pledge to you...

  • I’ll push for funding for our ward not for me - I will not accept the increased rate of allowance from 2017 or any recommended increase this year.
  • I’ll be the most accessible councillor we’ve ever had, available for virtual and in person consultations at a time to suit you.
  • I’ll prioritise your concerns on roads, pavements & safety. 
  • I’ll tackle fly-tipping head on, continuing to push for better enforcement and cameras to catch offenders.
  • Conservatives would have frozen council tax this year and we pledge to freeze it next year too.
  • Conservatives will protect green spaces in our ward and across the borough. Your Labour councillors voted to destroy vast areas as part of the GM spatial framework - and have voted to re-open discussions again.

It’s likely that this election will deliver a councillor to a one year term, as next year should see all 60 council seat up for re-election following boundary reviews so this presents a perfect opportunity to try something new, to vote for change and see what we can achieve together.  

Don’t be one of those who sits back and then is disappointed at the result, vote for change and it can happen!

Robert Mclean

Local Election 2021