Local Election 2021

Donna Marie Chadwick

Donna Marie Chadwick

Liberal Democrat Party
North Heywood Ward

Local activist and charity volunteer Donna Chadwick will run as the Liberal Democrat candidate for North Heywood in the local elections on May 6th 2021. A mum of three grown up children, Donna is currently studying criminology and sociology with a view to taking on a law degree. She is also member of the representative body on Rochdale Boroughwide Housing.

Her priorities for Heywood North are: Local business, young people, slowing climate change.

  • We all need to reduce our carbon foot print and I want to see big increase in the amount of recycling. Our borough has the highest levels of fly tipping outside the City. We lost Heywood tip a few years ago and local residents always complain to me about the amount of street litter. Free bulky waste needs to be introduced and stronger enforcement against unscrupulous licensed waste collectors.
  • I want to raise awareness too for young people's mental health issues. The pandemic has been hard on everyone but I think some young people have been left behind and forgotten about. I will lobby and campaign for better mental health services for our young people.
  • The daytime in Heywood centre has too many closed shutters. We look like a dying town with too many takeaways and not enough daytime economy. I agree with having choice but it can't be doing much good for people's physical health? As we come out of lockdown we should be encouraging small business to restart and start up. We should make Heywood Market the centrepiece of the towns redevelopment. Small business is part of our past and we can make it part of our future.

Donna also knows the importance of looking after the most vulnerable in our society.

"I've been volunteering at Heywood Baptist Church for almost five years now," said Donna

"We help support refugees from the Middle East who have come seeking help from some of the most desperate situations you could imagine. Many have had well paid jobs in professional roles who have had to leave everything behind due to situations that are hard to describe. I help improve their literacy and communication skills so they can get quickly back on their feet and integrate into wider society.

"I am passionate too about living in a world that values freedom and inclusivity. I will endeavour to work on your behalf to achieve a fair and just society where all can thrive and flourish, these are the values I live by and want to see fostered in our community."

Finally, Donna Chadwick is urging you to make your vote count on May 6th.

"If you're not happy with your current councillors, vote for someone else - or nothing will change."

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Local Election 2021