Rochdale By-Election 2024

Paul  Ellison

Paul Ellison

Conservative Party
Rochdale Constituency

With a proven track record of results dating back over 30 years, Paul Ellison’s community efforts in his hometown and borough speak for themselves, highlighting exactly why he is the perfect choice to become the next MP of Rochdale.

Rochdale-born and bred, Paul began volunteering just days after his eighth birthday – and he has never looked back. He received his first recognition at the age of 12, where the countryside ranger at the time, Stuart Brown, awarded him a Certificate of Commendation for various projects in the countryside.

Now one of Rochdale’s most familiar faces around the borough, the father-of-one was voted Man of Rochdale in 2019 for his celebrated work in the community and has affectionally earned the nickname of ‘Mr Rochdale’ as a result.


Paul’s plan for Rochdale:


Supporting Growth for our town centre.

Rochdale has had over £400 million invested into the town centre, including one of the largest Future High Street Fund allocations in the country. We have seen the development of the Riverside retail area, along with a new hotel and accommodation bringing people to the town, complemented by a food and drink offer to relish.

It is vital that we support the high street and our businesses and I’ll be working hard to ensure that opportunities aren’t missed, such as looking parking provision and the roads around the centre, which I know is a concern.


A Healthy Town

There is no doubt that the Covid pandemic hit our NHS and most of us felt that impact to ourselves and our families. to what is always a huge concern for people and something that can have implications for our working lives, our family, our future and our ability to contribute to the prosperity we all want and deserve. With 6100 new doctors and 16,800 new nurses in the last year alone, we are committed to cutting waiting lists and improving healthcare and I will make sure we get our share and that our local NHS Primary care, our GPs, pharmacists, wider health care providers and, crucially, patients and carers, are listened to.


Our Community, Our Voice

The people of Rochdale are who make it is the great place it is and I see this each and every day, but sometimes we are let down. We have seen the issues around drug crime and grooming gangs, which hurt people and hurt the town, we have seen poor housing and have been saddened by the tragic and unnecessary loss of a young life in our community. Mistakes have been made by organisations who we should trust, and often because of one thing – ordinary everyday people not being listened to by those who should.

I want to move forward in a positive way, recognise where improvements are needed and, whilst I am sure this can be done. I will be vigilant and ensure that everyone has a voice, through me if necessary, and that the people of Rochdale are never overlooked, no matter who they are.


A safe, clean and green environment for everyone

Antisocial behaviour, littering and a concern over crime too can wear away at a community and I have been proud to have seen the impact that communities can have in coming together to make our streets a cleaner, greener and safer place to be. We have seen our town gain national recognition as best Small City in RHS In Bloom on the back of volunteers, business and council working together. I firmly believe in supporting people looking to come together to make a positive change, provide resources and empower people to take action to make a place they and they families can enjoy.


Supporting our young people

I was fortunate to have people mentor and inspire me as a young person and I often see the enthusiasm and talent in our young people when working alongside them in the community. Supporting our young people is good for everyone and now, more than ever, they can access different routes to success, traineeships and apprenticeships and our newly introduced T Levels, that offer A level equivalent qualifications for those who want to learn more in a workplace setting. I want to encourage our local business to see the benefits that young people can bring in the exciting careers of the future.


Rochdale a Town to succeed!

I have lost count of the number of times people have come to our town and said to me how different it is to the perception they had of it, with its beautiful green spaces, diverse businesses, stunning architecture and fascinating heritage. I want those who haven’t been here to recognise Rochdale as a place to visit, to enjoy our hospitality, to employ our talented workforce. I’m proud to be from Rochdale and will continue to showcase what we can offer so that we can all be proud of a successful, prosperous town.