Rochdale By-Election 2024

Iain  Donaldson

Iain Donaldson

Liberal Democrat Party
Rochdale Constituency

Iain Donaldson, the Liberal Democrat Candidate in the Rochdale By-Election

The Liberal Democrats have been a part of Rochdale’s community for generations, and we care deeply about the issues affecting people here. That is why I promise that if I am elected, I will hold this disastrous Conservative government to account for failings on the NHS, the cost-of-living crisis, and water companies polluting the rivers with filthy sewage.

Health and social care

I worked for the last 20 years as an administrator for a mental health project studying the care of people living with self-harm. I have seen firsthand the impact that the Conservative Party’s mismanagement of our NHS has had on people, and I am proud of Munira Wilson’s work in Parliament to place a dedicated qualified mental health practitioner in every school - primary and secondary - giving every child in school access to care and support from the moment they start needing it.

Sewage in our rivers

I am also proud of the work Andy Kelly and the local Liberal Democrats have done to tackle sewage being dumped in our rivers. It is a disgrace that United Utilities are asking for an above inflation water rates rise whilst still paying big dividends to their international shareholders and bosses, and at the same time pumping sewage into our rivers. If elected I would want to hold them to account for their failings.

Locally, Labour is also failing people, taking them for granted and just not listening. It is vital that the people of Rochdale are represented with a voice that will take our community's issues right to the heart of Parliament and force ministers to address their concerns.

Climate Change

I am looking to build on the positive momentum that the Lib Dems have built in the area after local leader Cllr Andy Kelly has campaigned on declaring a Climate Emergency in the Borough. Meanwhile the Labour party have now reversed their plans to decarbonise Britain’s economy and the Green Party have withdrawn support for their candidate.

The Conservative government is focussed on licensing new oilfields and coal mines. We will only achieve true energy security by focussing on renewables

Liberal Democrats have committed to increasing our renewable energy supplies, including building a tidal barrage in Morecambe Bay to supply much needed energy to the North West of England.

Hamas/Israel Conflict

I think everyone has been appalled by the awful scenes since the dreadful terrorist attack perpetrated by Hamas on the 7th October. The Liberal Democrats are, though, the only UK wide party in represented in Westminster and contesting the Rochdale by-elections who are calling for an immediate permanent bilateral ceasefire in Gaza.

We need to get the hostages home, the much-needed aid to the people of Gaza, and then work towards putting two states and Palestine recognition at the heart of international priorities.


We also condemn the atrocious Russian invasion of Ukraine. We must continue to support the Ukrainian people against the Russian aggression.

Broken Political System

It is clear for anyone to see that our politics are broken, and we need to change the way we are governed. We need to democratise the second chamber so that it represents the regions and nations, and we must get a fair voting system so that everybody’s vote counts.

My promise to you

I live in the borough of Rochdale, and I know that we have been hammered by the double whammy of a cost-of-living crisis and an NHS on its knees. This disastrous Conservative government has utterly failed our area and would welcome the opportunity to hold them to account.

Locally, Labour have also taken people for granted because they just don’t listen.

If elected I will be a strong voice for Rochdale, listening to local people and getting real action for them.

It is vital that the people of Rochdale are represented with a voice that will take our community's issues right to the heart of Parliament and force Ministers to address their concerns. That is what my campaign will be focussed on as I fight for every vote.

Iain Donaldson Liberal Democrat Candidate for Rochdale