Local Election 2010

William   Hobhouse

William Hobhouse

Liberal Democrat Party
Bamford Ward

On 6 May there will not only be a general election but a local election in our area too.

I am up for re-election as your local councillor this year. Your other two ward councillors, Andrew Abbott and Jane Gartside, will be up for election in 2011 and 2012.

I have really enjoyed my work in the ward over the last six years - working with many people on different issues. My whole agenda is about empowering communities and devolving power and money from the Town Hall down to local area forums.

In 2007, as the Finance Portfolio Holder, I devolved over £1 million of the highways budget to Townships. This reform has stuck, and has allowed the Bamford Ward to finally get its fair share of money. Without this devolution, Bamford Precinct would not have a pedestrian crossing, some local roads and pavements would not have been resurfaced, the design of Half Acre Lane would not have been funded, and we could not have got rid of the advert trailer in Sudden Village with a traffic regulation order.

In 2009, during my term as Chair of Rochdale Township, new area forums were set up, so that every household in the town has a local community meeting to attend. The first meeting of the Bamford and Oakenrod Area Forum was in March 2009. All our forums have taken root strongly, and will be of benefit to their communities for many years to come. I am very pleased to see how many people are getting involved.

I see everything that has been achieved as a team effort. The blue bins used by many of you are there because of the replies we got to a recycling questionnaire in 2008 which we then took to the Council. I initiated the first meeting of the Friends of Springfield Park, and have supported their campaign against the Golf Driving Range ever since.

Our recent Focus newsletter on 20mph zones has led to lots of replies with many different opinions which we need to carefully evaluate. Only where there is strong local support for 20mph zones will we consider proposing funding. Thank you to everyone who has replied.

My manifesto for the Bamford Ward for the next 4 years is:

Better Roads, Safer Roads 

  • A yearly programme of road resurfacing to keep our highway network in reasonable condition. 
  • Implementing 20mph zone recommendations that have the majority support of the community.

Protecting our environment, enhancing our rural areas

  • Protecting our Greenbelt, brownfield and garden sites from unsuitable development. 
  • Continue the excellent work of the Friends Group in Springfield Park, including a long term solution for the barn. 
  • Creating a safe network of routes for horse riders, walkers and cyclists.

A stronger voice for local people

  • Strengthening the power of the Brimrod and Bamford & Oakenrod area forums. 
  • Working closely with the police to reduce anti-social behaviour. 
  • Trying to secure more funds for local priorities.

I hope you will consider supporting me on 6 May so I can continue working hard for our communities.

Local Election 2010