Local Election 2010

Roger   Howarth

Roger Howarth

Conservative Party
Central Rochdale Ward

Living in the Ward I am well aware of the issues of concern. My priorities will be to see our Town Centre as a thriving place to shop and to work again. The town centre now has about 54 empty shop units. It is sad to see our town so neglected. We need urgent action. Why is it that Conservative run Bury Council has a thriving town centre?

The Conservatives have proposed free parking on Saturdays in the towns car parks to encourage more trade and the council must also make sure that our town is clean and free from litter and that road and pavement repairs are carried out efficiently.
The conservatives also were appalled at the increase in the Council Tax, especially at this time when everyone is having to make savings. The Council Tax increase in Rochdale is the highest in the Greater Manchester area and one of the highest in the country as a whole!

Conservative priorities will be to stop Lib Dem waste. Just one of many obvious examples is that they have appointed 19 press officers .. why ? They are squandering your money that would be better spent on cleaning up our town and making it a safer place to live.

If elected I will always put the interests of our ward first.

Local Election 2010