Local Election 2014

Aasim  Rashid

Aasim Rashid

Castleton Ward

Dear Castleton residents

I have lived in Castleton for 11 years and am a resident at Chamber House Drive.

I am a member of the governing body at Mathew Moss High School, which is my way of serving the local community and striving for better education.

I hold a Masters degree in Economics and run my own retail company.

I believe I can use my professional and financial abilities for the betterment of the whole community.

I strongly believe that Rochdale need professional and experienced people to run the council efficiently, so that the up and coming challenges can be tackled in a way which will limit adverse effects caused by central government cuts.

I am positive that if elected my professional skills and community concerns would contribute positively to Rochdale council facing these challenges and help safeguard the progress of the community.

With your vote I hope to be given the opportunity to serve my community and utilise all my abilities to make a safer, cleaner, greener and stronger place for us all.

Local Election 2014