Local Election 2014

Bernard Thomas Braiden

Bernard Thomas Braiden

South Middleton Ward

I welcome this opportunity of standing as your conservative candidate in south Middleton.

Having lived in the ward for over 30 years I am married with two grown-up children. My daughter lives next door (long story) with her husband and our granddaughter and my son and his partner lives just one mile away.

With this background I know our area well. I have experience of bringing up a family and know the things that matter to residents such as local health provision, schools and social issues not forgetting the constant increase in your council tax.

Are the following just some of the things you want from your local councillor?

There for you if you have issues to resolve. Easy to contact and gets back to you with answers.

Make sure South Middleton’s voice is heard loud and clear within the council.

To ensure:

  • Our local road and pavements are well maintained
  • Crime and anti-social behavior is addressed
  • Protecting our local environment with tough action on litter and dog fouling where necessary
  • Fighting to keep council tax bills frozen
  • Priority is given to health and social care in our area

If elected I will work for you on the issues that matter to you.

For the sake of local democracy we need a strong opposition voice to a labour dominated council and only the conservatives can deliver that.

I do hope that I may count on your support on may 22 to ensure labour don’t just assume success here.

PS A conservative vote loaned to ukip in the local elections could see a further labour councilor elected when they already dominate.

Local Election 2014