Local Election 2014

Neil  Butterworth

Neil Butterworth

Milnrow & Newhey Ward

From my many conversations throughout the ward of Milnrow and Newhey, it has become apparent to me that it is the personality and efforts of the candidate, rather than party politics, which takes precedence in a local election. So, why vote for me; Neil Butterworth?

Rochdale born-and-bred, I have spent most of my life as a resident of Newhey, and with a name like Butterworth it is pretty obvious where my roots lie. I went to school in the village and have raised my own family here. The people of this area, many of whom are my friends, have given me lots of support over the years, and now I feel it is my turn to give back to the community that has provided me with so much. I am proud to put myself forward as your local Labour candidate and to dedicate myself to achieve the best for our villages, and their wonderful people.

Proactively is what you can expect in abundance from both myself and the Labour Party; we talk directly with our constituents and we take action within the council on your behalf, on the issues that matter to you: 

  • Libraries saved 
  • Pot Holes plugged 
  • Council Tax frozen 
  • Weekend surgeries 
  • Hundreds of individual cases taken up and fought on your behalf 
  • Campaigning for you on development of Coral Mill site 
  • Campaigning on Dale Mill site

The list goes on.

No-one can deny that we have a strong and vibrant community here in Milnrow and Newhey, but, sadly, our facilities do not compare to those of other communities. Previous Liberal Democrat administrations have not delivered in this area. Although, cost and budgets will always be a constraint on local government expenditure, other areas, such as Bury, Bolton and Stockport, appear to have overcome this, why is that?

Councillor Kelly, total expected attendances 97, present as expected 69; 71%. Is this attendance record working hard for you?

I don’t think so! It is my belief that strong leadership and forward thinking are two of the main reasons for this success. Having been in business most of my life, I will work hard to bring good business practice into the council, and ensure a fair share of resources are put back into the Milnrow and Newhey Ward.

Rochdale has been through some tough times over the last few years, and has been in the public eye for many of the wrong reasons. Weaknesses with the Liberal Democrats have added to this; a lack of political clarity and an inability to deliver on their promises. This needs to be rectified; we need to show the world that good, hard-working people come from Rochdale and that our past successes have not deserted us.

We need to build a bright future for the residents of Milnrow and Newhey. This cannot be done without good leadership in local government; a quality which I have repeatedly shown in business, and will bring to the role when elected. I will strive to get the best results for local people. So, step aside Mr Kelly and let a proactive councillor take the reins.

Your vote is important to me. Please come and show your support on May 22.

Local Election 2014