Rochdale - General Election 2015

Mohammed  Salim

Mohammed Salim

Islam Zinda Baad Platform
Rochdale Constituency


Mohammed Salim is the Islam Zinda Baad parliamentary candidate for Rochdale.

Speaking to Rochdale Online, he said: “We need an MP who looks after the interests of Rochdale and who cares for the people’s needs and desires. Rochdale seems to be slipping away and has been targeted by the media. Rochdale has been neglected and I don’t think our sitting MP has done much to recognise our needs and recognise our strengths.”

Mr Salim described the Rochdale community as “strong, loving, sticking together and a community who care for each other when the going gets tough.”

He added: “I want to serve the people better and get better facilities for the people from central government. It is the central government that really put the screws on. If it is an MP from the sitting government in Parliament then they will get all of the money but if they are the opposition, the central government really tightens the taps and makes them bleed and that is a great disadvantage.”

The Islam Zinda Baad party has been established for 10 years, with Mr Salim always standing for a seat in Rochdale.

Mr Salim has been in Rochdale since 1966. He was brought up in Rochdale, educated in Rochdale, settled in Rochdale, married in Rochdale and has brought up his 11 children in Rochdale.

“I am a real Rochdalian and I want to serve Rochdale. I think we have had bad views in the past and have had several MPs who have not really been interested in Rochdale and have only been interested in party politics and winning the seat,” said Mr Salim.

If he were to win the seat, Mr Salim wants to bring the A&E department back to Rochdale, bring in more investors and increase apprenticeships and employment.

Mr Salim added: “They say employment is going up but it must only be going up in the south because it doesn’t seem to be going up in the north. We need to bring money into Rochdale. And what about enterprise, we have a lot of businesses in Rochdale and I am sure they would be able to invest more to create more for local people and I think that is what we need. I remember the factory days when people would leave one factory and go and into another. It was so easy in those days and people just loved it. They had no worries. I want the local enterprise to help make Rochdale what it was.”

Mr Salim says he has been out and about canvassing and meeting people across the borough and is optimistic and positive about the election.

“I’m hopeful and confident that I can win this and with God’s blessing, I’m hoping that we can win it and people will support us and give us a chance. A new face, a new chance and fresh ideas,” added Mr Salim.

For those who are not sure who to vote for, Mr Salim wants people to know he will serve the people.

He added: “I want to look after your interests first and know what the issues are for Rochdale. I want to put Rochdale first and get the best for you from central government. In my heart, I want to put people first and find out what is best for you to overcome the difficulties of the situations we are living in. it is about what we can do together. I want to serve you.”