Local Election 2015

David Vincent Fenwick-Finn

David Vincent Fenwick-Finn

Trade Union and Socialist Coalition
Central Rochdale Ward

My name is David Fenwick-Finn, and am standing as a candidate for TUSC- the Trade Union and

No more cuts- there are £51 million of cuts to come in this borough, and services will be cut to the bone.

Resist cuts, and set a needs, not a cuts budget.

There are too many zero hours and temporary contract jobs paying minimum wage in this town.

We will campaign for a living wage of £10 now, not in 2020.

There is too much anti-immigrant rhetoric. The problem is exploitative employers forcing down wages for everyone- not immigration.

If you want someone who will fight on the issues the rest ignore, then vote TUSC in this ward on the 7 May.

Local Election 2015


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