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Blue Pits Letters 1869/74

Poste Haste Blue Pits To London In 1 Day!


The attached photos of letters in 1874 and 1869 are reproduced here for local history knowledge, courtesy of Barry K Hilton’s collection, (Mr Hilton was resident in Castleton and now lives in Yorkshire).


“Envelope from Blue pits, Castleton to London dated 6 January 1874 with hand stamp BLUEPITS in black on the reverse."


“Envelope dated 31st December 1869 and the dated Blue Pits 'Despatch Office' hand-stamp is just visible on the back of the envelope”  It arrived in London the next day, 'New Years Day'!


Both Blue Pits envelopes are addressed to Messrs Cunliffe & Beaumont, 43 Chancery Lane, London.


Mr Hilton informs “Although I now have two, the 'Blue Pits' hand-stamp is very rare and I have only found these two examples.  I have yet to find it listed in any of the Postal History catalogues.

It would be interesting to identify just where the Blue Pits Post Office was at the time of the correspondence.”


We've found an image of a page from The Economist in 1876 which includes details of a solicitors firm called Messrs Keightley, Cunliffe and Beaumont on Chancery Lane. They are mentioned in connection with a bankruptcy case of a firm in Liverpool.


We found another entry in the London Gazette referring to the company in 1870. Here's an excerpt

“In the matter of McConnel and Co Limited.


A list of the persons admitted to be creditors of the Company on the 31st August 1870 may be inspected at the offices of the company and 90 Henry Street, Manchester or at the office of Messrs. Cunliffe and Beaumont, Solicitors, No. 43, Chancery-lane, London, at any time during usual business hours, on payment of the charge of one shilling.”


The Friends would like to receive any information about “Blue Pits” not just railway history.


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