Rotary Club of Middleton

Proposed Projects for 2018 - 2019

President – Kit Wellens

Club Service – Bev Yarwood

Club service will organise the following

Club Service will liaise with the Hotel for all events planned there.

We will ensure that the club is compliant with all governance policies – Jan S

We will be a conduit for communication between District, RGBI and RI – Helen

Home Service Team – Janice Powell

Away Service – Peter Hayward

Membership – Stuart Sawle

Foundation – Ged Heatherington

At D1285 Assembly, it was mentioned by District GovernFoundationor Elect Tony Graves that our continued unerring support to our own charity, The Rotary Foundation is essential.

The personal expectations for Rotarians is $100 towards the Annual Programmes Fund APF) and $55 towards End Polio. 

Events for 2018 - 2019

Treasurer – Keith Trinnaman

The role of Treasurer is not only to count the pennies but also to act as the conscience of the club , i.e. is it: Fair, Truth, Beneficial, Promote friendships etc.

Contact Information

Rotary Club of Middleton

Mobile: 07887 588836

Meeting times

We are meeting via Zoom on Monday nights, to join us contact Stuart or Janice Sawle for more information: or

You would be made very welcome.