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Minutes Meeting Tuesday 18th August 2015 (127)

Minutes of a meeting of the Members of

Littleborough Canalside Development Group

Held at the United Reform Church, Victoria Street Littleborough

On Tuesday 18th August 2015 at 7.30pm


John F Kay – in the chair

Bob Furnell

Brian Holden

Barry Horner

Ian Jackson


Jeremy May

Janet May

Lorenz Tattersall

John Tattersall

Bob Weatherly



Apologies   Cllr Ann Stott


  1. The minutes from the meeting on 21st July  2015 had been circulated and were approved
    1. JFK is still working on papers for a CIO. No copy of the constitution has been found and so he will proceed with a new set of Objects


  1. Littleborough Neighbourhood Forum
    1.  JFK explained that the analysis of the well supported questionnaire was currently awaited. This would be a useful document even it the forum did not proceed further


  1. Tour Boat Scheme
    1. Bob Furnell and Bob Weatherley had visited Pickwell & Arnold boatyard near Hebden Bridge with a copy of the Survey Report. We await  to see how much it will cost to make the boat  fit for insurance and licensing purposes
    2. The boat has been painted and graphics will be added by Lindsey.
    3. Bob Weatherley was trying to get information about a small tour boat operated by Grantham Canal Society. We may be able to learn from their experience. JFK circulated a copy of their website.
    4. Bob Furnell had collected £149.63 from events at Hare Hill House


  1.    Canalside Café at Ealees
    1. Andrea Scott wanted to rent the land at Ealees from Boys. JFK has her address and email address.
    2. It was agreed that the group would support her on this but we awaited a business plan to see if the project was viable as a community “not for profit” scheme.
    3. Andrea was working and so unable to attend this meeting


  1.  Adopt a Canal Scheme
    1. Work near Lock 47 was going well.
    2. Application to adopt the Ealees length of the canal and Lock 48 would be made soon
    3. There were now over 100 supporters of this Scheme


  1. Littleborough Marina
    1. Mark Prestwich has joined Rochdale MBC from Oldham Council. He was now responsible for the Durn Development and Wayne Poole had passed JFK’s emails to him
    2. JFK met with Mark Prestwich on 13th August to walk the site and explain our aspirations for a Marina.
    3. A Developer who was known to JFK had also joined the meeting and advised that his firm was now owner of the development on the former Green’s scrap yard and the Baptist’s field.  He hoped to become preferred developer for the Council’s land and would agree to construct a Marina as part of the development
    4. JFK and Mark Prestwich had also spoken to one of the occupiers of the cottages on Halifax Road Durn and it was noted that a parking facility for those houses off Back Durn Street should be encouraged
    5. JFK had also been in touch with Garry Taylor who was still interested in being involved and would like a commercial unit near the Marina for a canal related business and might be prepared to become an investor in the scheme.


  1. Akzo Nobel Site  - Nothing to report


  1. Any other business  - It was considered a good idea to arrange a visit to a working marina for local councillors and members of the group to see what an advantage such a development would give Littleborough


  1. Date of Next Meeting                   Tuesday 15th September 2015,

Tuesday 20th October 2015 and

Tuesday 17th November 2015

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