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Minutes of the 98th meeting on 15 January 2013.


Minutes of the 98th meeting on 15 January 2013.

Present: Peter Evans (Chairman), Katy Bottomley, Barry Cropper, Iain Gerrard, Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John F Kay, John Kershaw, Ken Rosbotham, Cllr Ann Stott, Bob Weatherley, Roger Davis.

Apologies for absence: Chris Blackwell, Cynthia Davis, Keith Hallam, Helen Evans, Barbara Weatherley.

1. Minutes of last meeting (no. 97) approved with the following amendment: in item 6 delete 15, substitute 19.

2. Durn Marina.
2.1 No further news from RMBC Planning Department. BHol agreed to join the sub-committee.
2.2 No progress on Schofield Street obstruction.

3. Littleborough Volunteer Lengthsman Scheme. This has been renamed Observers of Waterways Lengths, known as OWLS.
3.1 There is an open day at Lock 44 on 27/1from 10.30h to 15.30h.This lock is having its gates renewed. JFK will contact Jon Stopp of Canal and River Trust to advise our 4 Owls will visit this site and suggest he meets them after at the Summit Inn to discuss matters. He will copy his e-mail to David Balvacchino of the Trust.

4. Akzo Site.
4.1 BC gave a detailed resume of the current situation relating to the outstanding matters on site particular the Officers Report to the Planning Sub-Committee on 1/8 which states:
“A further intrusive survey of the site has been carried out and no shafts or mine workings have been encountered….. The report received from Countryside Properties (the Developer) stated WSP carried out an intrusive mining investigation. No voids or mine workings were encountered…..”
The report by WSP was done in 2006 for Akzo to facilitate their exit from the site.
There are numerous voids on site which were advised to the Planning Sub-Committee.
RMBC is in prolonged correspondence with the Coal Board and it is accepted there will have to be
a further report issued regarding this planning application.

5. Canal and River Trust.
5.1 The current Chief Executive is leaving and it is hoped the Trust will ensure the management team will be changed to one that appreciates what is required.
5.2 Consideration to be given for having a public meeting in the summer which would be addressed by a senior member of the Trust.
5.3 It was noted the Lock Keepers house at Summit is scheduled to be auctioned in February.

6. Next meetings: Tuesdays 19 February, 19 March and 16 April. All meetings at 19.30h in the United Reformed Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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