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Minutes of the 78th Meeting on 15th March 2011


Minutes of the 78th Meeting
Held on Tuesday 15th March 2011

Present; - Councillor Peter Evans (Chairman), Keith Hallam, Brian Holden, Barry Horner, John Kay, Barbara Tunstall, Bob Weatherly and Barbara Weatherly.

Apologies: - Roger Davis and Cynthia Davis

1. Minutes of the last meeting (No. 77) were approved with correction to the final sentence in Para 4 which should read “John Kay also said he would contact Nicholas Hammond to see if he could establish new contact with Tim Coghlan, the owner of the marina at Braunston and he would also try to obtain help from Carl West of British Waterways”

2. Matters Arising

2.1 New Canal Committee Keith Hallam is attending a meeting later this month where he should be able to find out if this new committee has now met.
2.1 Schofield Street Peter Evans has still not received any reply from the council solicitor and he will now try to speak to Heather Barker about the matter
3. Tow Path Improvement work
3.1 The section to Summit had now been completed and seemed better. The section from Greenvale Lock 39 to Lock 40 was a mess.
3.2 Agreed to keep this item on the agenda as the absence of proper drainage was a concern

4. Durn Marina
4.1 John Kay was in contact with Carl West in view of the obvious difficulty in preparing a feasibility proposal when the proposals for the Marina were still not agreed with the Developer
4.2 John Kay had, at last, made contact with the Developers and was meeting with them on Friday of this week
4.3 We have an invitation to a Meeting at Honnor Marine Ltd Miall Street Rochdale at 10.00am on Thursday next week 24th March 2011. 7 Members said they would be attending

5. Any Other Business
5.1 Notice of a Planning Application had been posted at Schofield Street about 2 weeks ago. Before it could be read someone had removed it. Brian had asked the planning department (Usman Smith) for details but they could not find any application. He was pursuing this

6. Dates of next meetings:
a. Tuesday 19th April 2011
b. Tuesday 17th May 2011
c. Tuesday 21st June 2011

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