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Minutes of Meeting on 16th February 2016


 Minutes of Meeting

 132nd Meeting  -  Tuesday 16th February 2016


  1. Present      
    1. John F Kay
    2. Barry Horner
    3. Keith Hallam
    4. Brian Holden
    5. Ian Jackson
  2. Apologies for Absence
    1.  Cllr Ann Stott
    2.  Peter Evans
  3. Minutes of the Meeting on 19th January 2016
    1. No minutes had been done
    2. The matters discussed were reviewed   
  4. Littleborough Civic Trust
    1.  Littleborough Civic Trust were to register as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) which gives protection for its committee
    2.  It was agreed that we would seek to become a committee of the Littleborough Civic Trust rather than seek a separate registration
    3. Littleborough Marina CIC would continue to be operated by this committee
  5. Durn Marina
    1. Rochdale Council were now to issue an Expression of Interest for the sale and development of their land at Durn Littleborough
    2. An advanced copy of this document and the Durn Development Brief was discussed in some detail. The requirements for the developer to create moorings and a small marina are included
    3. Private land owners had been consulted but terms were not yet agreed
    4. The Preferred developer would be appointed by the council from the expressions of interest. Such developer would then put forward a development scheme
    5. It was agreed that the committee was generally supportive of this but would now have to await such appointment and the draft scheme 
  6. Tour Boat Scheme
    1. Agreed that a grant application would be submitted to Crook Hill Community Benefit Fund before the deadline of 24th February 2016 
  7. Canalside Café at Ealees       No report 
  8. Adopt a Canal Scheme           No report 
  9. Any other Business 
    1. Ian Jackson has been approached by residents at Halifax Road about the access road to the land at Durn now rented by Rochdale Canal Society and sublet in part to the Tour Boat Scheme
    2. Keith Hallam and Brian Holden recalled difficulties in the past when the access was block and they were unable to get their cars off the site
    3. It was agreed that we should remain on good terms with the residents but should politely ask then not to block the access 
  10.    Date of Next Meetings 
    1. Tuesday 15th March 2016
    2. Tuesday 19th April 2016
    3. Tuesday 17th May 2016

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