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Minutes of the 154th meeting held Tuesday 20th Feb

Minutes of the 154th meeting held Tuesday 20th February 2018 at Hare Hill House Starting at 7.30pm

Present:  Ian Jackson; Julian Farnell, Barry Horner, John F Kay, Bob Weatherley, Cllr Ann Stott

Minutes of the meeting on 16th January 2018 were discussed and approved

Akzo Nobel Site

Peter hook and Ian Jackson attended the planning meeting at which Homes England were granted an extension of the planning consent if they construct an access road.

Homes England have agreed to include Littleborough Civic Trust in consultation meetings. These are now to be arranged.

The disturbance of the contaminated soil may cause contaminated water to run off into the adjoining canal. This is an area of Special Scientific Interest and Ian Jackson will alert C & RT and through them the Environment Agency as they should be involved in the consultation process

Littleborough Civic Trust

John Kay as treasurer of Littleborough Civic Trust confirmed that after payment of the fee on the planning application the sum of £1,317.82 was held in the account on behalf of LCDG.

Canal & River Trust

Anyone wishing to join the Tow Path Task Force should contact IJ on

There will be a Historic Boat festival in Manchester on 15th July 2018 and the boats will then pass through Rochdale and Littleborough.

Café Boat Scheme

The mooring application to C&RT which received approval “in principle” had extended the date for a response to 1st June 2018 in the light of the difficulties in gaining access to the Schofield Street building and submitting the planning application

The Planning Application was handed in to the Council by John Kay on Wednesday 14th February 2018. Subsequently the Council agreed that the planning fee would be £462.00 and this was paid on 19th February 2018.

We are now waiting for the application to be validated by the Council

Nigel MacDonald of Rochdale MBC had gained access to the large building at Schofield Street which belongs to Rochdale MBC. Use of the building seems to be in the hands of Link 4 Life, C & RT and private individuals without any formal contract.

A photograph was circulated which indicates that the building is full but the meeting were of the opinion that the contents could be reorganised to make room for the Community Refreshment Boat.  The Council have offered us use of an empty storage unit near to Hare Hill House. This could be used to store some of the items now at Schofield St.

It was confirmed that the building at Schofield Street was well positioned to enable equipment and workers to attend from Julian Farnell’s works at Brookfield Mill. He is hoping to have a work force fitting out the boat on Friday and Saturday each week.

Cllr Ann Stott will now try to arrange a meeting at Schofield Street attended by the local councillors and officials from Link 4 Life and the Council. The management of this building for a number of years needs to be investigated


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Tuesday 20th March 2018

Tuesday 17th April 2018

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