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Minutes of the 91st meeting on 15 May 2012.


Minutes of the 91st meeting on 15 May 2012.

Present: John F Kay (meeting chairman), Peter Evans (group Chairman),Iain Gerrard, Keith Hallam, Brian Holden, John Kershaw, Cllr Ann Stott, Roger Davis (group members), B Cropper (Guest Speaker), S Beddard, T Beddard, B Chidgey, H Evans, D Howarth, J Greenwood, J Kavanagh, A Leggett, C Orentas, R Smith (Friends of Hollingworth Lake), D Taylor (Civic Trust), S Taylor, (attendees).

Apologies; Cynthia Davis, Barry Horner, Barbara Weatherley, Bob Weatherley, Barbara Tunstall.

1. Minutes of last meeting (no. 90) approved.

2. Durn Marina.
2.1 No news from RMBC regarding a possibility of a developer and the council yard.
2.2 No response has been received from Big Society Capital regarding funding.
2.3 No progress has been made regarding Schofield Street obstruction. Cllr AS will follow this up.

3. Littleborough Volunteer Lengthsmen Scheme.
3.1 JFK to arrange a meeting for the volunteers with Jon Stopp of British Waterways.

4. Akzo Nobel Site. Mr Barry Cropper.
4.1 The Outline Planning Application had been passed in 2008 to the applicant, Woodford. This application had been extended in 2011. The main part of the application had been to remediate the site so there would be no contamination for future development. This to include 164 houses (including 10 affordable) a Hotel /Pub /Restaurant and space for minor commercial development.
4.2 A deeper study of the relevant plans has indicated several points have not been explained or answered including a council officers queries regarding contamination. There appears to be a lack of knowledge regarding the mine shafts. Also the water on the site.
4.3 Countryside Properties acquired the site in June 2011and at a meeting on 11 August advised Woodford had found no demand for any of the facilities mentioned above and consequently only housing would be built. There would be 174 houses (including 10 affordable). It should be noted documentation has subsequently been seen in which RMBC agreed the affordable houses need not be included.
4.4 An unofficial plan has been received from the Mines Authority which confirms major fault lines on the site. There are no indications as to which section of the lower mountain seam the plan refers to. Mine shafts have been capped but all contain water.
4.5 Site surface water goes to the canal. Other water goes under the canal and goes to the River Roch. Nobody knows where this water comes from. Akzo spent a great deal of time trying to find the source(s). All this information was advised to RMBC in May 2008.
4.6 The above is basically a resume of a very detailed report of how things stand and what the developer proposes.
4.6 The Planning Application was submitted in December 2011 under number 11/D55085 which is on RMBC web site. Details of all objections to this project are also included.
4.7 Whilst this talk has not majored on the full planning documentation submitted it appears there is a lack of appreciation of the site and various points require clarification.
4.8 There was a preliminary meeting with planning officers, ward councillors and Mr Cropper; minutes were to be sent to the developer and attendees. The only item currently received is a copy of some hand written notes taken by RMBC at the meeting.
4.9 RMBC has promised to arrange a public meeting where the developers, planning officers and all who wish can attend.
4.10 Those who have not written an objection to this planning application are urged to do so.

5. Next meetings. Tuesdays 19 June, 17 July and 21 August. All at 19.30h in United Reform Church, Victoria Street, Littleborough.

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